Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saying goodbye to Jamie Barnett...

I just wrote a long and eloquent post to go along with these pictures and it disappeared. That's a little frustrating. Here's my second attempt:

Our year in Boiling Springs, South Carolina came and went so fast. We had such a great year and learned so many lessons. Two Mays ago, we did a quick less-than-24-hour road trip to the house from Tuscaloosa (6-hour drive each way) for the home inspection. We drove out, had the inspection, and hopped in the car and drove right back. As we were packing up to head home, a cute Daddy-daughter pair next door came over to say hi. We learned that their little baby was 5 months old and her name was Joslin. He learned that our little baby was 5 months old, too, and his name was Jude! (Born 6 days apart ;) Our friendship was meant to be. And we became fast friends once we moved in a coupe months later. Our year in Boiling Springs threw some big boulders our way, and Meghan was my angel next door. She was always there for me when I needed to talk. We just understood each other. We would go on walks every morning together and just talk about life. We made a lot of good memories in that year...

lots of walks to Turtle Creek and back (dreaming about a future homes/yards)... and a few runs
fun and fancy dinners
bonfires out back while the kids slept
little trips to the park
the occasional adventurous trip to Spartanburg
quick catch-up chats from balcony to balcony
mowing our lawns side by side/mowing each other's lawns
yard work/exploring our backyards/saving neighborhood cats
lying in the grass together while our little ones played, just talking &enjoying the beautiful weather (this was definitely a favorite)
lots of big dreams and ideas... that we never had enough time for

Jude loved their little umbrella stroller. He would run next door and steal it.

Such happy best friends!!

It was a long few days/weeks/months getting ready to move and having to keep the house in perfect condition and ready for a showing... I am so thankful I had Meghan to help me! It was an exhausting few days getting everything packed and in the trunk, but saying goodbye to Meghan and Joslin was by far the hardest part for me! It was hard to say goodbye to so many good memories and that we wouldn't be making more together like we always thought we would. Just to prove that our friendship really was meant to be... we are both due with our second babes only a couple weeks apart! I love and miss them dearly!