Monday, January 20, 2014

this thing called LIFE.

this thing called LIFE.
it happens so fast.
morning comes, then night.
another day is past.

did i come closer to my dreams?
fast asleep, now time to make more...
it's then i realize i could dream of nothing more.

a faithful man beside me.
a loyal son i adore.
a growing baby who is all mine now.
a faith i'll always stand for.

finding peace in passing moments.
finding joy in little hugs.
realizing this day was perfect
just because it's mine.

These pictures were taken on one of our last days before moving. We spent the weekend up in Charlotte with our dear friends, the Hansen's, at their adorable parents house. Dan and Tyler spent the day at the US National White Water Center (birthday present from me... totally cool if I do say so). We went to downtown Charlotte that night and although we failed to take pictures... that place is totally unforgettable. (And not what I was expecting AT ALL. You imagine like a quaint, downtown, historic type area right?! No, it's more of a mix between NYC and LV... not quite my cup of tea anymore!)