Wednesday, January 15, 2014


"Would you rather jump into a pool of M&M's (and get to keep them all) or have Taza pin your blog on her blog?" 

My husband just asked me that.

Another funny comment the other day while at work... complete stranger/another employee walks up to me while in line at the cafeteria at work:

"Are you really pregnant?"


"It just looks like you have some stuffing in your shirt or something..."

End of conversation.


Gotta love it. Mostly the first comment... I choose the "Taza pin" answer, just in case you were wondering. ;)

 <--- 37 weeks & growing strong.

 <--- my pretty new locket from Jared &kris :)

 <---  this guy. we had a good day today. :)

 <---- just found 33 of these pictures on my camera roll. toddler digital abstract art.

And the following story TAKES THE CAKE:

Recent Skype call with my Mom &Dad:

R: "Our doula came over today..."

(My dad pipes in from the background...)

D: "Who's ardula? What nationality is she?
(who names their child ardula?!)"

I diedied.