Wednesday, January 29, 2014

summer catch-up (more moving).

It took us an entire month from when we moved from our house in South Carolina until we were in our new, permanent apartment here. And boy, was it a long month! We thought it would just take us a couple days to find a place. We didn't realize how big of a city San Antonio really was! I've already blogged about when we first moved here and "happened" to meet my old friend from high school at church. She took us under her wing and we were so blessed by so many. This pictures were taken when we were staying at the Bradshaw's old apartment before ours was "done." This was where I weaned Jude. (for that post, see here) It was a tough few weeks for this little boy. Trying to find food and rest for him was tough. Let alone being weaned! But he was such a trooper. Just look at that big smile and that amazing head of hair! This was also Dan's first day at orientation at school. You go baby! 

This must have been Dan's other first day of school... probably his first day of real class. He managed to get dressed and ready in the midst of the madness. My camera would only take the closest pictures but the ENTIRE APARTMENT looked like it does below. That's what happens when you move from a three-bedroom (plus shed) full-fledged home into a miniature two-bedroom apartment in a rushed/crazy sort of way.