Saturday, February 15, 2014


Although I am tired by the end of the day, putting Jude to bed is the most precious time. I used to wonder and worry how I would put Jude to bed once we stopped nursing, but it is truly more a joy now than ever. After his bath, we giddily climb into his magical little tee-pee (which he lovingly refers to as his "house") and change his diaper, lather up in lotion, and put on his pajamas. He then lays on my arm and he makes sure his little head is lying on the yellow pillow I made him just for his tee-pee. We then nestle in and read a story or two. Lately, we must read the hit we recently rented from the library "Dig!" (Zimmerman/Clemesha). We both have it all but memorized. (One night I read it to Jude and then he made me read it again to the baby.) We then read a verse or two out of Moses and say prayers. Daddy usually joins us at least for prayers and then brushes Jude's teeth for me. (It's gotten a little hard for me to get up and down and do the toothbrush battle.) We then turn out all the lights and lay together in the dark and I sing him a few church songs. No matter what I sing, he usually before long pipes in with, "POP! POP!" and continues until I sing him "Popcorn Popping." He makes sure that I'm using my "hands! hands!" even though it's dark and he can't see them, he wants to be sure I'm doing the actions. He then usually says "temple! temple!" and wants me to sing "I Love to See the Temple." He is the most precious, tender little heart. After a few songs I will ask him, "Jude, are you ready to get in bed?" and he'll usually respond with, "house..." or "mama..." (meaning he wants to stay in his house). If he's tired he'll say "seep, seep" or "bed."

Tonight, I asked him if he was ready for bed and he said "house..." He then started to get up and I wondered where he was off to. I was laying on my side and he came over and laid right on top of me, with one hand along my back and the other resting on my neck and face. 

After a minute he quietly whispered, "Happy."

"Jude, are you happy?"

"Yeah... happy."

"What makes you happy, loved one?"

(You can hear his voice rise as he gets a big smile on his face...) "Mommmmy."

"What else makes you happy baby?"


Words can not express the feelings I had at that moment or now. I feel so incredibly humbled to be the mother to this precious, tender little spirit. I refer to him as my "angel from heaven" many times each day and I truly believe it. I can not even begin to adequately express the gratitude I feel to be so blessed to be his mother and to have a faithful husband by my side. 

There is no calling I honor more than that of "mother."