Wednesday, February 5, 2014

El Rio Guadalupe

We went camping on the Guadalupe River in late October with our wonderful friends, Tyler, Maddie, &Chloe McLemore. It was the perfect trip! It was a little chilly but warm enough to swim the next day in the river. (Actually it was still a little cold to swim. I swam across the river to get Tyler's line out of the water, Jude swam on accident, and Dan "swam" all in the name of fishing.) ;) We told stories and ate by the campfire the first night. The mamas and babies enjoyed a nice walk in the morning while the boys had gone off fishing. We met them at the river and then both Maddie & I caught fish. :) It was pretty exciting. We all caught fish, though! Jude experiences his first no-nap day that day and it was PRETTY traumatizing. WHEW!! 

It was such a fun, relaxing trip! It is an absolutely gorgeous place. There is a beautiful mural scene in the temple here right from this river. It is a little heaven on earth!

Tyler spent hours tending to his fryer!

She's probably THE CUTEST.

He for real gives us kisses like this all the time. We LOVE IT.