Saturday, February 8, 2014

let the festivities begin!

We had the most quiet, quaint little Christmas at home. Dan had five weeks off of school! Besides his survival trip (post to come on that soon), we just stayed home and went on little adventures around here. It was nice and relaxing and so lovely to be able to just be together as a family, us three. A special Christmas, indeed, that we will always remember. This is us prepping and trimming our tree and then a big, wonderful Thanksgiving with friends.

He loves (is obsessed with) the two moles under my chin. He touches them/rubs them all the time. It's like, his safe place.

We started out Thanksgiving with a good game of basketball at the park with the Optometry guys...
no big deal that guy...
Jude and I played at the park and ran around the field and were thankful we weren't the little kid we saw take a giant spill and possibly really hurt himself.

You can do it!!!!

It was so nice to have Thanksgiving with a bunch of friends, many new. It was nice to just all bring something and come together and have a delicious meal. It was nice to get together with new friends and just be each other's family. It was nice to spend the evening in a lovely little home filled with the Spirit of family and friends and play fun games. It was really nice to not have to cook two entire Thanksgiving meals! Jude, of course, needed his own whole meal that we brought and that was enough to worry about! He ate like, four or five bites... he was having too much fun with his balloon and Nini spinning him around in circles. :)