Friday, February 7, 2014

a fall of settling.

Settling in more than settling. 
Our lives were getting more in place. 
Our apartment becoming more our home.
A city becoming more our own. 
And a baby-full tummy growing more and more.

Jude picked his outfit out this day. ;) ALWAYS the shirt... ALWAYS the boots!

Jude's first, LONG-AWAITED appointment with his GI specialist, Dr. Catherine Brigman. Oh, it was nice to take a step forward and get Jude's EGD scheduled.

Back in the days of puffed millet cereal &hemp milk

I made my mom "Almond Joy" cake pops for her birthday... :)

A beautiful date with a lovely date. {free} Dinner at Red Robin followed by a few fancy, funny games at Dave N Busters. Gotta love babysitting swaps!

This face... have mercy.

Seriously... that little bum... I can't take it.

He managed to get into the sink and have a little splash party. A curious toddler + a little pre-dinner desperation.