Monday, November 12, 2012

"life is good..."

I've said "life is good" many times on my blog before... but I really didn't know how it good it could be until Heavenly Father humbled us and brought us to such a lowly place, we realize what truly matters in life, where we lacked, and that life was not at all what it seemed. We are so grateful and humbled for where life has brought us. It's not anywhere we thought we'd be and on the outside it may seem hard, but ironically, we are probably happier than we've ever been... although we seem to be at our lowest, with few answers and a lot of uncertainty.

So, life is good...
and we're ready for whatever is next!

(If that was confusing, more details to come...)

This is what happens to our house when Grandma comes to visit :)

And finally a good pic of our beautiful home!

This day (below) is the day before life went crazy. We voted and were feeling really good about life. :) Voting was the funniest here in South Carolina. This sweet, very old veteran helped me vote and literally stood over my shoulder the entire time I was voting, walking me through each step (Click on "Continue" when you are done to go on to the next screen...) and watching me make every choice. I feel like that's not allowed but I felt very doted over and didn't mind.

Jude felt very good about voting with Daddy.