Thursday, November 15, 2012

eleven months &Jude's room

Eleven months later and I am so ridiculously, indescribably in love with this little twenty-pounder who has barely said two words to me in his whole life. He does no wrong. He is walking a little here and there. They are the most exciting, pride-inducing moments. Last Friday he took about 3 or 4 steps on his way to his Daddy and he has done that once or twice a day since then. It's obvious he is just intrigued by the challenge and he wants to walk so bad! I want him to take all the time he can. 

When he wants to get off the bed or couch he crawls to the edge, turns his little body around, and starts to scoot off. I love it. Especially when he turns around before he gets to the edge and wonders why his legs aren't lowering.

We have made some big strides in eating in the past week. He is really making progress and is pretty much eating everything we give him! Or he will at least try it. Most of his finger foods end up on the floor. He loves drinking out of a cup but I still feed him drinks like a mama bird sometimes. :) He's still nursing like a champion. He loves it so much and so do I. It is our go to. Crying? Hook him up. Hurt himself? Latch on. Bored? Snack time. He is such a pro, too. He could find his food source in the pitch black night in a foreign jungle. He will eat on all fours or hanging off the couch (it's a low couch). He wants to play but just can't commit to letting go. 

We love our baby sooo much. We love to just lay on the floor and play with him before bed. He gives us kisses and we give him kisses and we "get mommy" or "get daddy." We hide under the blankets and play with Poppy and play the ukulele and read books and try not to tear books apart and bite Daddy's ear and explore and play with magnets on the fridge and push things off tables and play hide and seek. We love him.

Today is two months of being completely toilet trained for bowel movements. Literally... two months of going #2 on the toilet! He lets me know when he has to go by a little grunt (I recognize immediately) and he comes up to me, I quickly strip his clothes and diaper off, set him on the toilet, and all is well. He is so wonderful. And it's nice to not have to worry about dirty cloth diapers!

vintage books that belonged to my wonderful Grandpa James 

POPPY! He has made this room complete. He's so cuddly and comfy to lay on and play on  and play with. Ohh, we love Poppy. Since Grandpa couldn't be there when Grandma came to visit, Poppy is here to give us loves. Jude LOVES him.

Our new IKEA Sundvik crib! I'm so thankful Jude has a bed now, thank you Grandma and Grandpa! 

A close-up of the curtains I made for Jude's room