Sunday, November 18, 2012

our pursuit of HAPPYNESS...

It's funny how we think we have life all figured out...

and then things change.

And all the sudden all our plans are gone,

and we realize the only plan we have is that everything will work out because Heavenly Father is in charge of our plan.

His plan is our plan and we're okay with that.

Our plans to go to medical school and live here in our pretty little house for four years?


Dan resigned from medical school on Friday...

and we're moving.

on our way out from VCOM... for the last time!

He realized it wasn't for him or for us as a family. He realized that it wasn't best for our eternal family and that money and position really don't matter. The sacrifice of being $200,000 in debt and being "indentured servants" for the rest of our lives is not worth it. And for what? For Dan to work long hours in a job where he is controlled by the government and not enjoying what he does? It all culminated last Wednesday with Obama's victory. Dan told me he had not really been enjoying school at all and just hadn't said anything to me about it.

stopped by the park afterwards... what!? time?! what do we do with it?!

eyes closed in pictures... so in right now. 

It was stressfulcrazyscary few days but we are feeling better, really good even. We know, without the slightest doubt, that we doing what is best for our family. We are thankful for this lesson we are learning, even if it took our life savings to learn it. It was worth it. Because now we'll never look back. Dan has (re)realized Optometry really is what he wants to do with his life day in and day out. It just suits him. Remember that talk in conference two times ago? I forget who it was by but he shared a story about a father and son driving home late one night. They came to a crossroads and didn't know which way to. They both felt like they needed to go right. So they went right. Before long, they came to a dead end and realized right was wrong. The son asked his father why they both had a feeling that they should go right when it was the wrong way? His father told him that now they can confidently go the other way and know it is right. Heavenly Father doesn't always answer their prayers in the way we think. This is us. We were supposed to move to Boiling Springs for a few months and do medical school for a few months and if we could take it back and go straight to Optometry school we wouldn't. We know we have learned lessons through all this that we have needed to learn. We can move forward confidently (humbly confident) in this direction and we know it is right for us.

so excited, jude's legs started kicking and he "ooo oooo!!"'ed when he noticed them :)


We are excited for what the future brings. We have been humbled and are thankful for it!