Sunday, June 24, 2012

summer lovin'

Ryan comes to visit every Tuesday through Thursday with his job. We love having him. We have a Golden Spoon tradition and love to sit outside and just talk.

Dan and I got all fancied up and went on a date downtown. We went to the outlet malls so I could buy Jude some sweet Gap outfits. Then we decided we didn't want to spend any money so we left. Then we went down to the City Center and it basically turned into a quest to find me some water because I was the most dehydrated thirsty human in existence almost. We decided the Strip is a little scary and not our favorite place.

I absolutely love this picture of Dan. 

Jude loves swinging on the swing with Nana. She rocks him to sleep all the time on the swing.

Miriam and Brandon stayed the night with us! We swam and enjoyed it. It was nice to meet Brandon since we missed their wedding. Miriam is absolutely adorable, as always.

They got splashed hardcore.

He loves the grass.

Jon and Gina and their sweet wee ones, minus Sloane, came to visit on their way down to California. We swam and barbequed and kept the kids up late and spotted ghosts and read stories and remembered memories and just loved every minute together. We absolutely loved having them!