Thursday, June 21, 2012

BOSTON: bunker hill, the cemetary, and the temple

What a wonderful Sabbath day! We went to church and so enjoyed it with all those "Harvard men." After church we went to Bunker Hill and trekked up the oblisque while Ashley played with the sweet boy in the grass. 

"You're a Harvard man aren't you?"
"Are you a Romney?"
(Probably one of the funniest stories ever)

That's a long way down...

We got home, ate, and played some card games of COURSE. London. Seven up seven down. I don't even remember them all.

This girl right here? She is a CARD. SHARK.

We packed up the car, grabbed some popsicles, and headed off for our next adventure. Mount Auburn Cemetery. So pretty. All 174 acres of it! We loved the toads and the birds and the flora and the fauna and the gravestones and the views and everything else there is to love.

He loves to grab everything and anything in his reach. So fascinated by the world!

Matching Jack's Mannequin i like naps. I think we will always be those same seven year old in love girls forever.

Our next stop was the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Boston temple. It's beauty was breathtaking. The temple itself and the landscaping and the natural beauty of the area took the cake in my book. There is a such a peaceful unmatched feeling when we visit the temple, even if we just look from the outside. They truly are the houses of the Lord.

These two boys are my heart and soul.

Daddy's trying to get a good look at those two bottom teeth!

One happy family. Because of these temples, I not only get to be with my family throughout this life, but forever. Never to be separated. That brings me the most joy and is my greatest blessing in life!

We found honeysuckle. :)

So motherly and precious.
We got home and dined a delicious dinner mama Ashley so sweetly and lovingly prepared for us. Oh was it good. And we were some hungry folks. We topped dinner off with some FROYO and card games.

Life is good. :)