Saturday, June 9, 2012

BOSTON: cape cod & plymouth

This day was most definitely a favorite. We ventured to Cape Cod on a busy Saturday and stopped at Plymouth on the way there to see the sites.

The last time I saw the rock there was an ice cream cone melting on it. It it is a lovely landmark. Did you know one of Scott's ancestors came over on one of the boats?! So wonderful.

We got stuck in traffic but we didn't mind. We were endlessly trying to entertain Jude, accidently flirted with a car full of boys, and almost accidently hooted for a newly married gay couple. No thanks.

And then we so joyously arrived at the beach! SANDY NECK. We threw down our blankets and set up an umbrella fort for Jude. He dug it. We played Frisbee, had some dance parties and photo shoots of course, and the boys swam. Jude was thrilled to see the beach for the first time. It was an entirely lovely and picturesque day!


I am IN LOVE with this handsome face. 

Dan sat on the broken chair and broke it some more.
It was the most wonderful laughfest2k12.