Saturday, June 23, 2012


We mustered up all the courage we had to leave Ashley and Scott. (We considered staying because we couldn't bear to leave them!) We drove down to Darien, Connecticut (cutest. town. ever.) and found the lovely little apartment of McKay and Nicki Dunn. We were so thrilled and excited to stay with them and it exceeded all our expectations! They are adorable and accommodating and great cooks/hosts. We met McKay and loved him entirely. Seeing Nicki was like we had never been apart for almost three years! We spent the first day there getting a TB test (for my job), going to Trader Joes, and just relaxing and planning our big NYC trip the next day. We had the most delicious cornbread chili meal thing that Nicki made. I probably could have eaten the whole pan by myself! The next day came bright and early and off we went! We walked to the train station. It was about an hour drive to the beautiful Grand Central Station!

The worker on the train thought we were a cute little family and climbed onto the top of the seats to get a good picture of us. Cutest. 

Rockefeller Center

So hungry. Shared a cinnamon-sugar muffin and chocolate milk from the adorable Magnolia Bakery.

We felt like two fish out of water trying to find our way around, but we made it to Times Square!

Harry Potter?!

he's the king of new york!

We got a little lost a few times. We decided we would be able to find things better if we turned the map upside down.

The 9/11 Memorial was breathtaking!

Sam's Falafels. They were good but not as good as the tacos al pastor we had right before we crossed the Brooklyn Bridge! We were too hungry to stop and take a picture.

Enjoyed it on Wall Street

This funny little Asian was trying to imitate the statue... he was just a little off.

He had his fair share of his homeopathic teething tablets that day. It was a lonnng day for Jude!

Battery Park

On our way to China Town. We watched the brides come out of City Hall, too!

Dan's favorite activity of the day... walking across the Brooklyn Bridge!

Poor thing was pooped. We accidentally didn't get off the bridge exit and walked halfway into Brooklyn.

He HATED his car seat by this point in the day. Poor thing. And my injured foot was hurting soo bad.

Walking through Central Park to get to the temple. I was sooo tired and had to take a little nap on the bench.
We made it to the temple and I literally shed a tear I was so thankful we made it. Isn't is beautiful?!

We took a long breather in the mothers room, for about an hour, and rested our feet and let Jude lay down on the ground! He was thrilled.

Back to Times Square! This was right before our encounter with Force Master Chief.

There were fireworks there just for us!

And that was our sixteen hour day in New York City!

Jude loved Nicki! :)