Monday, April 1, 2013

JJ and the travelling boys.

I was happy as could be that my cute cousin, Joshua, and his equally cute fellow travelling musicians stopped in between Asheville and Charlotte on their tour. (Now that I'm a mom I can call anyone/everyone cute and it's allowed. It's the best.) I love Joshua. And his tunes. And that he has visited us almost every year for the past three years while on tour. Perk.

They got here late and we had some stew and nice conversations. I love my cousin.

The morning came and we just enjoyed being together for a little while before they were off to their next adventure. Why do travelling rockers have a bad reputation? They were the most polite and helpful house guest who made a very valiant effort to keep noise to a minimum to accomodate a little child who was unsuccessfully "sleeping" in our closet.

Until next time! Carry on singing soldiers...

(Isaac Russell) (not Ruru anymore), Timmy, Joshua, and Evan - adorable as can be.