Tuesday, April 9, 2013

a WHOLE new world...

Who knew moving our car seat to front facing would be the highlight of our week and bring all of us unstoppable joy?!

We didn't.

But we do now!

For most it may not be the most rainbow and glitter-filled news, but for us... twas! Jude throws up in the car a lot. I'm sure he just gets car sick easily being cramped in the corner staring at the back of the seat and barely even able to see from side to side (massive car seat), but it also has a lot to do with the EE. We can't give him even the tiniest veggie straw in the car and we have to drive like a fragile great-grandmother.

Last Thursday we were on our way to the allergist (funniest, quirkiest doctor ever) and we thought we were doing really good, we were about a block from the doctor and...... he threw up. :( It is soo upsetting and disheartening. We are not supposed to switch him from front facing until 22 pounds and Jude has been stuck at 19 for months now, so we were feeling pretty hopeless. We asked the doctor and he gave us permission... so around it went!

Jude was thrilled.

Mama was thrilled. Daddy was thrilled. Jude held his finger up, pointing, relentlessly with a constant "ohh" (picture a perfect little circle of lips like he is whistling) at everything he saw. He was soo excited and his new view. We really felt like we were all together in the car now... a slight turn of the head and there's Jude! It is so ridiculously thrilling (no exaggerations here). We decided to go celebrate and have dinner at the Beacon ("A famous Southern landmark and home of the world-famous Beacon Iced Tea, Chili Cheese A-Plenty, Sliced Pork-A-Plenty, Onion Rings, and The Pig's Dinner and many other food favorites"). Sound greasy? You are right! We were greeted by a classic older black mail who would pretty much tell you what you were ordering and shout it at the top of his voice to the cooks over his shoulder. I inquried about a veggie stew for Jude and upon explaining his allergies, the man ordered a hot dog and fries for him. So it was! Jude stood up in the booth as he happily devoured his meal.


Turned to boredom...

Could it be true?! There is life beyond the fuzzy grey seat?!

I am really liking this...