Monday, April 22, 2013

a crafty husband + a little family walk.

I am yet to find one thing my husband can not do. Homemade (gluten free, egg free, milk free) bread? He puts mine to shame. Cleaning? Most thorough scrubber ever. Cooking? Makes up his own recipes like no big deal. Fishing? Fish whisperer. Any sport? Dominates. Plumbing? Advanced skills. Video editing? Yep. Piano? Whips a beautiful song out of his head without batting an eye. Medical school? Been there, done that.

Yeah, he's pretty nice to have around.

Anywho, he has been wanting some new shorts. But we don't have money to spend on new shorts. So we traveled to the nearby Goodwill and found an old pair of slacks (as retro and old manny as you'd imagine when you hear the word slacks)... came home, glanced at a couple tutorials online and before long... sewing he was.

I was gleaming in every moment when he would ask me a question about the bobbin or how to do this or that. My sewing skills are limited so I was trying to fully soaking in teaching him something because I know before long he will be teaching me. Oh, and let's not forget about when he tried to thread the bobbin himself and he literally disassembled half the sewing machine. Typical mechanical mind of a man. It was really funny as I tried to explain how easy it really was.

I call this "Floral Determination"

We forgot to take "Before" pictures, but here are the afters... He shortened and skinnied them.

Later that day we took a walk on a little trail outside Dan's school, Spartanburg Community College. We had fun... and saw a turtle. I am just now looking through these pictures and I think I could die happy! If I had nothing more than Jude's excitement about life it would make life worth living. Dan was so redneck this day. Cowboy hat, cut off jeans, and basketball shoes. Yeah, we have a "Bluegrass" station on Pandora.

I call this "Real Life Captured."

So much joy over... a stick. He is amazing.

"Ehh" (grunt)

"Ooohh..." (interest spiked)

"Mmm!" (Life's not so bad)

"EEEE!!!!" (I love everything!!!!!)

And now I'm ready to escape.