Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 25...

My birthday came and went like a fox in the night! It was another lovely birthday with another lovely year behind it. Lovely interwoven with a lot of crazy.

I woke up to this (with a melted heart in the bottom of my toes)...

how cute is this?
My sweet Danny made me waffles with homemade strawberry syrup. It's my new favorite! You don't even need butter. We enjoyed church and a quiet day at home. I video chatted with my Jared &Kris and opened my BOX FULL OF SUNSHINE!! It really was a box full of sunshine and it made me so happy. They knew how stressed things have been over here and they wanted to send some love our way. It was such an adorable idea. Jude was ecstatic about everything and we haven't even used the chalk or water guns yet... hello!

Not pictured: a yellow recorder!! Jude LOVES it and it so gifted already.

"Wait, Mom!! I forgot to put on my cologne!!!!"
Dan was leaving for his San Antonio trip so we did most of our celebrated a few days prior. And we had to claim all our freebies. It's turning into quite a tradition! (See last year...) We hit up Moe's and Firehouse Subs. Cold Stone was forego-ed (?) this year. We managed. I tried to get really fancy and do an all-around-your-head braid, turned out more like a dinosaur crown. Dan is the funniest because he never knows what I mean to do with my styling so he just goes with it. When I say... "Why didn't you tell me?!?" He just says he thought I wanted it like that. (Like the time last year when I had five little braids all over my head to make curls and he thought I was wearing it like that [what?!])

We then went to Best Buy to get a cover for my iPad MINI (!!!) and then Costco to get myself a cake or something. Every single one had milk in it. So we left.

He was thrilled about the salsa. He ate almost that whole jar with his bare hands and licked the remains off those little fingers. 

He can't even handle how much he loves my kisses.

Brownies with So Delicious soybean ice cream

Received an ipad mini from my mama and papa!! I am pretty spoiled. It was a graduation/birthday/we love you present. THANK YOU!!!! And thank you everyone else for the birthday wishes/gifts! Mom &Dad Mulder, Grandma and Grandpa, Jared... you all da best!