Sunday, March 31, 2013

We're so glad when Daddy comes home...

Where did my blog go?! I lost it for a while. Thank goodness we have found each other again. I was feeling a nagging void in my life.

Daddy (he's "Daddy" to me know. It is the most endearing name I have for him. It's funny how that happens.) went to Texas for a quick overnight trip (or "business trip" as we liked to say &act all grown up about) for an interview at the Rosenberg School of Optometry in San Antonio, TX. We missed him. It was worth staying up past bedtime for him to get home. He brought us PRESENTS!!! Now that's a Daddy. Jude was bamboozled to receive his very own cowboy hat. He has always been intrigued by his daddy's. And I got my very own Mystical Horsies of San Antonio shirt! How funny is that. He knows I am drawn to these type of shirts, it's up there with my Wolves Howling at the Moon shirt. (It all started out as a joke but no one knows but me so now I'm just one of those people who wears shirts with wolves howling at the moon.) I embrace it. Jude loves the shirt. Everytime I wear it and everytime he re-notices I'm wearing it he points and oohs and has now learned to "neigh" and "click, click, click, click" with his tongues to make a horse galloping sounds. I wore every day for four days after I got it just to make Jude happy. It's now been washed and ready for it's next marathon.

There was a whole-lotta-luv in this household when Daddy got home. We were all giddy and smiley and happy to be together again. We had a nice celebratory dinner (no chicken involved) and shared stories.

We love our Daddy. These past few months have been hard for all of us, but especially for him. Our lives have been uprooted and especially his. He has stayed positive and optimistic and hard-working through it all. 

And guess what?!?!

Since I'm so behind on my blog, you don't even have to wait for the next news...

He was accepted! And received a scholarship!

You go Dr. Dan and make that look so easy. We are still waiting to hear back from UAB and hoping to hear something this week. We were told we'd hear back in mid-March so we're feeling a little high and dry over here. So, once we hear from UAB we can finally start to make some decisions around here and figure what we are going to do with our lives!!

Let it be written, let it be done.