Sunday, March 10, 2013

bread, "boo," &buddies

The title of tihs post sounds like a great name for a Cake Boss episode. I wish I lived through a cake boss episode! My back is hurting from throwing a dinner together in record time so we could eat before Dan left for his meeting (Parmesan Honey Pork, mashed potatoes, &green beans!) and I'm savoring my time to rest before my sweet baby arises ready to play. I'm so behind on my blog so this will be much more than bread, boo &buddies! First of all, Dan got a job! It comes with a story too good to pass up.

It was February 28th and we had not been to the temple yet that month. So we seized the day and off we went. Our temple is two hours away and Jude has a unfortunately consistent history of throwing up in the car and being completely miserable. We try to avoid long trips with him but we weren't going to let another excuse get in our way! I had called the temple a couple of days prior &made appointments for Dan to go in for about an hour and then I would and we would switch off watching Jude outside. It was our first time to the Columbia Temple so we had the directions pulled up on Dan's laptop (smart phone/GPS-less over here). Jude had been miserable &was at his wit's end. I, mistakenly, gave him an apple to nibble on and entertain him as a last resort. Bad idea! I have officially learned my lesson. As we were getting off the freeway and nearing our destination, Jude started throwing up and throwing up and throwing up. I couldn't take it so I took him out of his car seat and held him on my lap and he just continued to throw up, now all over me &the car. (In all honesty, it doesn't bother me a bit!) Dan had the laptop propped up on the passenger seat trying to read the directions as he is driving and worrying about his sick baby &frazzled wife. The phone rings. It was a lady calling about a job opportunity for Dan. It kept cutting out....

"Mr. Mulder, would be willing to accept ______ at Fehr____ doing manuf____?"

"Umm, sure..."

"Okay, can you start tonight?"


So Dan got a job in the midst of the storm and we found the temple shortly after. Dan went in to get started. Five minutes later I was still in the car trying to get Jude clean when Dan appears at my side informing me that the temple is closed for the next five hours and we can't do anything. I had him go double-check and inform the man that I had made appointments! Yes, we were a few minutes late but there still should have been time for at least one of us. They found our appointments but the man must have been confused because he made them 15 minutes apart! Not enough time... So we kindly asked them if we could at least read scriptures in the lobby. Dan went in and read while I fed Jude lunch (who was feeling 100% by that point). Then Dan watched Jude and I read in Alma and got to know the Temple President. He showed one of the sealing rooms and told me a sweet story about an elderly lady who had painted one of the beautiful paintings in the foyer. We knew Heavenly Father was grateful for our effort even though it did not go quite as planned! On the way home I prayed fervently that Jude would sleep the entire way. That's one of those prayers that was totally my will, but I think it was his too because he slept about 80% of the way home. All is well in Zion.

So Dan started his seven-day-a-week job as a quality inspector for Fehrer, who makes the foam seats for another company who puts the whole seat together and then sells them to BMW. Since he joined, they have been able to get a day off, thank goodness! He has made some nice friends and hasn't minded it too much. Tonight he is switching to night shit. He will go to his class every morning after work and then come home and sleep!

A few weeks ago I attempted to make bread for Jude. Wheat-free, egg-free, milk-free. It's not as easy task. I baked a brick so I blended it up and made bread crumbs. I asked the breadmaker of the house to help me and ta-da! It turned out perfectly. He tweaked the recipe to his liking and even used the bread machine! He is amazing. The bread tastes delicious, too. Enjoy Jude!

A classic game of Peek-A-Boo before bed. This is the first time he initiated it. He was so cute. He would cover his cheeks and his ears and everything else. We have so much fun with our baby. He has the heartiest laughs ever when Daddy's around!

Some friends :)