Saturday, March 2, 2013

a perfect [snowy] day.

A perfect day over here in the little house at the end of the cul-de-sac on JB Drive. We love it here... sigh. Dan made these deliciously from scratch cinnamon rolls with what seemed to me as little to no effort on his part. (He has honed all my homemaking skills.) It was one of those stay-in-your-pajamas/dance-to-Daddy's-electric-guitar-tunes/rumor-of-snow days. We were expecting some frozen rainy droplets and were pleasantly surprised to first find a pleasant little snowy drizzle, that kept coming, and kept coming until the floor was covered &it was nothing short of a winter wonderland. It wasn't long before we were all bundled up and Jude's wishes came true as we went outside to get a little snowy. He wasn't quite sure about it all &wanted to stay close to Mama &Papa. It felt like Narnia in our woods. It was magical. 

"Please... can we go?!?!"

The Ledford's dog, Aly, and Cesar hiding in his house :)

Jude and I went in after a little while so he wouldn't get too cold. We dried off and watched Daddy through the front window. It wasn't long before we had the couch pulled up right in front of the window like we were watching a movie out front. We watched Daddy skim board, build a snowman, and throw snowballs at the window. Jude was giggle and laugh and wave like crazy every time we saw him. We enjoyed our snow day &can't wait for the next one! :)

Owan the Snowman