Monday, June 28, 2010

lovely&lively: THRIFTING.

i love thrift stores.

when i walk through those dirty rickety doors, the air blows back my hair and i am filled with a sense of all the possibilities that lie before me. who knows what treasures i may find?! i take a purse full of patience, grab my buggy, and 45 minutes later i've got an entire cart full, then i head to the dressing room and sort through everything. i end up with just a few finds. i only keep the things i LOVEEEE. [it took me a few years to get to this point, i used to keep every random thing, and then it ended up back at the thrift store before too long..]

{i had to cut my face off because i was looking a little perturbed, oops!}

so this shirt was found at a thrift store in vegas [salvation army?] in my high school days. i bought it so ashley&i could match. i love it, i wear it all the time, with my most casual jeans to my fanciest skirt or dress.

the skirt, found at the "LARGEST THRIFT STORE" in bessemer, alabama [seriously our favorite], compliments of my sweet parents who let me go on a little shopping spree. i don't love the angle in this picture, but it will do. it certainly is a pencil skirt, &it is sooo tight on my waist! i have to suck in literally every moment it's on my body [but i actually do that all the time anyways, shh.. don't tell].

the sassy gold belt, DI in rexburg, idaho. [i MISS that store!] it came with a silver version with a heart clasp, which is my all time favorite.

the shoes my mom bought me for my graduation from nursing school, GUESS by marciano on sale. they hurt, but i love them.

good example of an almost 100% thrifted outfit!