Friday, June 4, 2010

stylish strollin.

i've sustained an injury to my outer ankle; it hurts. i limp. the more i walk on it, the more it hurts. so working as a busy nurse running up &down the halls for 8 hours isn't the most enjoyable thing. dan & i went to sam's club &walmart tonight and my foot was really hurting. i decided i should save up my endurance for work, so i hopped in the cart &dan pushed me along with the groceries. it was great.

then at walmart i sat in the kiddy carts. i felt like i was on the front edge of the boat and i was moving so fast and didn't even have to do any work for it. dan was being very chivalrous &kind to his bossy wife. he would hardly let me life a FINGER! it was a little much after a while.

the people here are shameless and love to stare and chat about the spectacle that we are. i don't even get why. old men liked to comment about how i've got my man on a string &how i'm goin for a ride. it was funny.

probably one of our most entertaining grocery trips. we got lots of fun treats too. &ate some delicious samples:].