Saturday, June 12, 2010

lovely&lively: FINDING YOURSELF.

i have always had this desire to be different. i have always liked being the first person to wear something, or to wear a usual piece in an unusual way. if it starts to get popular and misused, i loose my taste for it. & i'll be the first to say this has not always been a good thing! i haven't always known how to channel it, i used to just wear, as my mom would say, "interesting" outfits, just for the sake of being "interesting."

i feel that i have found my niche, and i know it is constantly changing as i mature and grow and my roles in life change, but i am excited for every stage and every change. i think about the kinds of outfits i will wear when i am pregnant. i have images in my head of the style i will have as a mother of growing children. and the thought of having grey hair and endless stories in my eyes is so appealing to me.

through all of that, it is important to me that i will always have my own style. i find fulfillment and satisfaction in having my own style that i am happy with and proud of. i want to always feel good about myself and the way i look. i am trying now to develop habits that will allow to be this way. everything for healthy eating to being active to caring about my hygiene and my appearance to never letting go of my love for fashion.

something to think about i guess. how has your style evolved into who are you today? are you feeding it with water&sunshine or stifling it with grey walls& sweatpants?

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