Saturday, June 19, 2010

happy birthday husband!

he has taken "perfect man" &showed him up, hardcore.
he kisses my forehead, nose, &cheeks.
he is smart, like organic chemistry smart.
he picks me up &lets me try to pick him up.
he lets me hit him.
he cleans, impecably.
he is marvelous&gifted at everything he tries.
he plays multiple instruments beautifully.
he is strong&athletic.
he loves my cooking.
he has an anatomically perfect body.
he tells me i'm beautiful when i've just woken up.
he plays with me.
he has an unbelievably diligent attention span.
he works hard for us.
he is perfectly faithful.
he speaks spanish.
he teaches me.
he has a beautiful smile.
&hazel eyes.
he has a sweetness that even strangers are drawn to.
he kills cockroaches& other threatening creatures.
he adventures with me.
he is oh so very photogenic.
he can spot any creature from miles away.
he was the stake choir director at 18.
he does laundry.
he has a black mac.
he puts the Lord first.
he is a surfer.
he has built in flipper feet.
he always catches the most fish.
he used to shoot iguanas with a sling shot &eat them for dinner.
he surprises me with his fun creativity.
he says sorry& forgives fast.
he had a motorcycle when he was 16.
he has big dreams for us.

[and i'm married to him!]

happy birthday danny!