Tuesday, June 8, 2010


life is lovely.

we are happy.

[i wish you could tell i'm wearing suspenders].

dan is taking his first semester of organic chemistry over the month of june. 2 hours of class every morning, 5-8 hours of study thereafter. lot's time he's at school for that long, so he's making cute alabama friends. he taught the gospel to his study buddy for 2 hours today. so, he's a busy bee. at least i can sleep longer &not miss anything. &we love our breaks to the pool:].

i bought a pass to the rec at UA. i can go to the gym, which is a really nice facility. i feel like a UA sorority girl when i go. i also have access to the pool! we get to be kids, playing pool basketball [winner gets a sundae] &floating/racing around the lazy river and sliding down the slide time&time again. we love love love the pool. i hurt my foot in december and it still hurts. i ran at the gym a couple times and it really hurt my foot [yes, that was the first time i had ran since december]. i'm still limping and ibuprofening and foot massage receiving from my bf.

i have been cooking&baking like a good little wife! i like to cook much more when we actually have food and i don't have to invent peculiar concoctions. i am happy cook when i have lots of vegetables and clean, ready to be cooked meat, [&a clean kitchen of course]. someday when we have a little more monetary funding we will eat only whole wheat organic pasta, fresh vegetable&herbs, a whole variety of delicious fruit. ehhh! we did get a sam's club membership, which makes grocery shopping a whole new wonderful world.

[recent dishes: grilled balsamic red wine chicken (dan's creation), organic whole wheat pasta with vegetable puree, chicken wrapped bacon &rice (dan's request), &on the menu: tortilla soup, shepard's pie, spaghetti with garlic, zucchini&tomato, red chile chicken w/rice &beans.. yum! many of the recipes i got from mrs. harding and nie nie.]

and look at that sign! a farmer's marker! i am utterly thrilled. this kind of thing is a BIG deal here in bama land. not fried. not wal-mart. not shipped from california. not vending machine... homegrown!

[i must be doing something right because the fancy brownies i made for memorial day was the only dessert without leftovers!]

2 more nights of work and i'm off.

working an extra shift friday night.

dan's birthday is june 19th.

jared's wedding is august 14th.

just checked &i have christmas off:]... lucky!

life is good!