Friday, July 2, 2010

"the best things in life are free" {or almost}

that's my dad's best advice, &it is so true! we had the BEST little date night in our living room! dan got a tent for his birthday from his sweet parents so we set it up in the living room and filled it with pillows&blankets. dan made the most delicious shake with fresh strawberries&blueberries &homemade ice cream. it was so fresh, all natural sweetness, mostly just really divine. we topped it off with some ten things i hate about you. dan hadn't seen it since middle school. it was so fun to reminisce ["have you heard of save ferris??"]. we think joseph gordon-levitt is the cutest/our favorite [500 days of summer].

the next night we took a few of our spare laundry quarters and headed to the movie theatre for some arcade games! dan rocked at the racing game, he got first. he also won air hockey, but he would let me catch up every few points to make the game last longer. we felt like middle schoolers again.