Monday, July 26, 2010

paradise lost. &found!

life is fun.

dan is taking a shakespearean literature class and a human development class. that means he is reading spicy tales written by perverted men who are long past. and he comes home with all sorts of fun facts about birthing processes/questions about menopause. it's quite entertaining [for myself more than him i think].

we watched a water birthing video...

i have been fully soaking up my few days off work, i needed it soo much! we've been swimming, shopping [SHOPPING!!!! more to come later on that], returning all our wedding plates since they were chipped & getting MORE!, thrifting our hearts away, cleaning, cooking, smoothies, mutual activities, renovating our bathroom, organizing our closet {that was a chore of a chore of a chore}, saw inception at the MOVIE THEATRE (first movie we've seen in the theatre since thanksgiving). we L O V E D that movie! so good. it really just bamboozled our minds and we have to see it again, for sure.

[ps: everyone register for your wedding at bedbath&beyond. why? they will return ANYTHING and give you cash back if it is off your registry. so we returned our plates, got cash back, &looked around for new plates. we decided we would wait because we weren't sure for sure. we went to treasure hunt {best-EST store ever, for reals} and found the EXACT SAME PLATES we were going to buy at BBB for 1/2 the price. and if they ever chip or we need to return them we can go back to BBB! shrewd, very shrewd...]

we've finally caught up on the office. [we had missed spots so we had to start over at season one episode one... and we are finally up to the new ones] cutest show. we are the biggest fans. pop some popcorn &we are the happiest little cuddling souls.

we had the sister missionaries & elders over for dinner on sunday. can you say pot roast/carrots/onions/mashed potatoes?! it was delish. we enjoyed debuting our new green plates. i made gravy from the pot roast &even made a RUE. who knew? i do now.

random post of our little lives.