Friday, November 1, 2013

This is Halloween...

I hope everyone had a lovely Halloween! 

Halloween was so fun this year, and I imagine it will get more and more fun every year as the children are growing up. Jude was more aware of his costume and what was going on and it just made it so fun. We started out our festivities with a Halloween party at the library. Games, raffles, crafts, prizes, a photobooth, books... so fun! Just got all but a standing ovation as we walked into the library. The scattered tables of teenagers all ooh-ed and aah-ed and pointed and "look at that lion!!! he is so cute!!!" to the point where I even felt slightly embarrassed due to the big scene being caused! It didn't end there. He got more comments that I could count!

"Hold up your ghost for a picture, honey!!" He humored me...

There's the ball he won at the raffle! So exciting.

We stopped by Trace's house on the way home and they had plenty of fun playing and putting stickers on their pumpkin!

We had our Trunk-or-Treat on Wednesday night. Jude was really apprehensive about the whole thing at first. He wouldn't even go up to the first car! They had to bring the candy to him. :) It didn't take long for him to warm up to the whole idea, although he still never made an attempt at a "Trick or Treat!!," a thank you, or a roar! See last year's Halloween post here!

Jude was the lion, Dan was the African Safari Tour Guide, and I was the happy tourist. :)

Our adorable neighbors

Best African Safari I've ever been on...

Then there was the after-party where we played with our glow sticks. We started new Halloween traditions of a glow stick-bathtub-in-the-dark and reading bedtime stories in the dark with a flashlight. So fun!

Dan showed Jude all the fun things to do with a glow stick in the dark.

Jude was a pro!

Can we play some more, please?!?

Jude has been a little under-the-weather and didn't feel up to Trick or Treating on Halloween night. He had other plans... (bedtime). So we had a fancy dinner and carved our pumpkin! :)

daddy ghost!!!
A sweet lady in the ward remembered Jude had allergies when we came Trunk or Treating so she offered him a "treat," one of those stretchy sticky hands... and boy did Jude have a blast playing with it... once Dan had played with it for a while and let Jude have a turn. ;)