Sunday, November 3, 2013

"jude, do you want a baby brother or a baby sister?"

I asked him that question the other day in the car and he kept saying "sister!" and "girl! girl!" It was hilarious. He is well-aware of the "baby" in Mommy's tummy, and soon enough he will understand he's going to have a baby brother! We are over-the-moon excited about our second little boy. We were hoping and dreaming and pining over the idea of two little boys... &our dream came true! We imagine them being the best of friends, getting into all sorts of trouble together, going on every type of adventure they can imagine, and lots of father-son camp outs, fishing trips, hikes, and ball games. Doesn't it just sound too good to be true?! I'm ruling the roost as the only lady around here for a while longer. I tease them that I am all the woman this house can handle! We have just about everything we need, too. We are just in the market for a double stroller and a little infant car seat &that is about all we need! 

Having Jude has been the greatest joy in our lives. Like, the most inexplainable, unmatchable joy we have ever experienced and we can only imagine the fun of adding another little boy to the family. I know it will be a difficult adjustment but before long hopefully they will just play together and be content! I am trying to get all the sleep I can now. (I slept just short of 12 hours last night!) We are going to do a few things differently this next time in an attempt to make things a little easier on us, and better for the baby of course! (Post on that to come later, if you're interested!)

We love you, little boy, and can not wait to hold you in our arms!