Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pregnancy update &lots of bump pics!

I have to check my "Mobile Mom Due Date Calculator" every few days to see how far along I am because I forget... I'm already 28 weeks! Goodness! I have left a lot to the imagination when it comes to documenting this pregnancy... I think it's time for an update! The pregnancy has been wonderful. I am blessed with good pregnancies and I can't complain! During the first trimester, however, I was a complete...



In our backyard in Boiling Springs after our first ultrasound!
Maybe it was moving and the uncertainty we were having with Jude's EoE at the time, but goodness. It was over-the-top with the crying and tears and breakdowns and lash outs. (Sorry, Dan!) It took me a while to get used to the fact that we were going to have another baby because I was so busy been stressed with moving and everything else. It really wasn't until we had our big ultrasound and found out what we were having until I got excited and the reality of it sunk in. Now, I get all squishy-hearted when I see a newborn and ask to hold them and I start to imagine how much I will love and be obsessed with my own. My love for Jude is so incredibly out-of-control; I know I have more to give and I know it will be bursting at the seams when my next little boy officially joins the fam. I have heard from other friends that they weren't sure it hey could love their second as much. I've had time to ponder and get used to his idea. Although that thought has entered my brain time and again, I'm not worried. I still whisper to Jude that he'll always be my favorite but I know that's silly. I think about how much my parents love Jared and I... so deeply, yet differently. I know mine will be the same.

Nineteen weeks with my precious sidekick always by my side :)
I have had a little acid reflux (nothing a few Tums can't fix) and I have all the usual issues of being really big, but that's all. I huff and puff and grunt when I bend over and have gained several pounds every time I weigh myself. I'm sure I will leave Dan's measly 163 pounds in the dust this pregnancy!!

My mama &daddy were in town! :)
Right now I'm most looking forward to seeing Jude as an older brother. A friend of mine watched him the other day and she said he was so very tender with her little baby girl, bringing her toys and gently and carefully touching her. Since then I have really noticed how tender Jude is. He is always wanting to help and ever-so-interested in "the baby," or any baby for that matter. We went camping with these same friends, the McLemores, a few weeks ago and Jude was so incredibly precious and tender with her. He would go up to her and hug her, try to get her out of her car seat ("out!"), and gently touch her arm or leg or wherever he was given permission. He would just stand by her and gasp and point when she made a noise. And she is enamored by him! It is precious. We once had her sit on his lap while in the umbrella stroller and he ever-so-calmly held her and kept his arms wrapped tightly around her as if he knew that was his responsibility.

About 22 weeks, on my way to the Relief Society Broadcast with my mama :)
At least once a day he comes over, lifts up my shirt, and visits with the "baby," giving kisses, saying "hello?!" as he rests his head on my tummy, and bringing the baby toys, pass along cards, etc. He once got the pump for the raft and tried to put it in my belly button. (trying to inflate or deflate my tummy maybe?) He knows to be very gentle and careful and for the most part he really is. Every few days he'll wrap his arms around my belly and while squeezing, say "out!! out!!" So cute. He is excited to have a little play mate!

Every once in a while he'll get in his little swing and pretend to be a baby and I'll say "Shh... baby's sleeping!" and he'll lay there quietly. He climbed in the swing today so I laid his little kangaroo stuffed animal by him and covered them both up with a blanket. I said... "Shh, baby's sleeping..." and left the room to clean the bathroom. I would come back in every few minutes and check on them and Jude was laying there so quietly holding Roo. He laid with her for a good ten minutes! He is soo tenderhearted and sweet.

the "selfies" are getting out of control over here. good thing it's totally acceptable since i'm taking a pic of someone else, too...
If he ever wants me to get up or get down on the floor with him or whatever it is, he will grab my hand and pull me and try everything until I come. But if I need to rest or just physically unable to do what he asks, I just explain that I can't because the baby won't fit over there or I need to rest for the baby and he immediately understands and moves on. He is just the greatest!!!

[twenty-three weeks]
Dan is so excited to have two boys. He dreams about fishing trips and camping trips and going to Priesthood Session together and everything else. It is so cute. We both could not be more thrilled and excited to be having another boy. It will be so fun to see how different their personalities are and watch them together.

twenty-four... ish.

Well, you are officially updated! More pictures to come... :)