Monday, October 21, 2013

"The Miracle of Forgiveness" Book Review

I finished reading, "The Miracle of Forgiveness" by Spencer W. Kimball a while back, and I wanted to share about it here on my blog before I change my "What I'm Reading" over there on the side. I wrote a review on Amazon after I finished it so I thought I would just share that. :) There were several negative comments about the book, so I felt the need to share my thoughts! I think this book is an absolute-must-read for every mother out there.

"In response to some of the reviews about the frequent references to sexual sin, I find this direct quote from the book insightful (found in the chapter 'Avoiding Pitfalls' under subtitle 'Pitfalls for Youth').

"In this book I have deliberately made frequent reference to sexual sins, and this because of their gravity and prevalence. In the present chapter one could hardly fail to emphasize these errors in relation to avoiding pitfalls of sin, especially as they affect the youth of the Church in an era of increasing immorality, permissiveness, and commercial enticement."

How true that statement is! Sexual temptations are bombarding the youth and society in general like never before whether in the form of pornography, music, movies/TV shoes, immodesty, casual communication and references to sexual subjects, etc. The list goes on and on because it truly is everywhere. It seems clear that Satan puts his strongest focus on tempting us with sexual sins because they are so difficult to overcome and far-reaching in that their effects can cause such great emotional distress in the lives of all those affected. It is true that sexual sins are one of the most abominable in the sight of God for he is truly entrusting us with the power of creation.

This book may be difficult to read for those who are not in a place where they are trying to repent and grow closer to God. This book is written out of love and a desire to help us grow closer to Him through repentance and learning to apply "the miracle of forgiveness" in our own lives. May we read it without feeling defensive and ponder as we look inward to try to better ourselves.

I have found the reading of this book to be insightful and inspiring. Also, as a new mother, I feel better equipped to teach my children how to avoid these pitfalls that can cause such heartache and long-lasting sorrow. Yes, it is slightly uncomfortable to read at times, as he is straight-forward and doesnt sugar coat things, but that's what we need to hear! When it comes to these difficult subjects, maybe we need to be a little less "politically correct" and give ourselves a more clear right and wrong to chose between. It most certainly has brought to my attention some weaknesses of my own that I need to work on, but as I accept that I am weak, I know that through the atonement of Christ I can become stronger every day. Because of my Savior I am able to keep trying and face each day with faith and hope and that is what this book is trying to help us work towards."