Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Eosinophilic something something.

It's time for another EoE (Eosinophilic Esophagitis) pos! You think I would write these more often but I don't, and then the night before his EGD I'm like, oh I need to update everyone (and myself) before things change again! So here is my latest post from last October...

We were going to have an EGD last October but we ended up putting it off. Then we were going to have it in April, but we had to put it off because he kept getting "croup," or more accurately exacerbations of his reactive airway disease. (Or whatever. Boring details.) 

We can't do an EGD if he's had any type of illness or virus or cough or ANYTHING or it will be 100 times worse after the EGD because of him being under general anesthesia. So we had to wait until he was "all better" for a while. So here we are. He's been taking these cumin/turmeric pills that decrease inflammation and who knows, maybe it's a fluke but he hasn't gotten sick or had any respiratory issues since we started him on those. 

Since my last update in October, besides the recurrent "croup," he has been really rockin. We have introduced pork and coconut which have been HUGE life-changing additions. We are so grateful he has done well with these new foods. He is still completely off all medications. He takes a Kalire probiotic, digestive enzymes, the cumin/turmeric pill, and Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil every day. I make him homemade juice every other day and that keeps him from being constipated (The Miralax and Milk of Magnesia never helped.) He is gaining weight (which he was NOT when he was on the Neocate formula and prescription medications). He is climbing up the charts for height and weight. He has normal bowel movements every day (you do NOT know what an achievement this is!). He never throws up. He rarely complains of a tummy ache but nothing beyond how any other child would. He occasionally has an itchy throat (was mostly in the Spring so was probably mostly pollen/seasonal allergies). He wheezes occasionally but I think that's related more to respiratory inflammation than an allergic reaction. He eats an incredible diet and has an awesome appetite. He eats very well. Lots of meat, vegetables, fruit is an after-meal treat. And now homemade coconut milk. He is thriving better than I ever could have dreamed. And Abraham is certainly being blessed by all this. We all are. We have learned so much. Jude is obedient, confident, tender-hearted, loving, faithful, protective, brave, and imaginative. I adore this little boy more than I could ever say. I'm humbled to be his better and grateful to be the one to work hard for his success. I wouldn't want it to be anyone but me by his side every day. I'm so incredibly lucky to have him.

I feel peaceful about tomorrow and although I'm bummed Dan won't be there, I'm ready to do this and move forward. I pray the doctors and nurses will be on their A-game for my boy and that when Dr Brigman walks out to the waiting room to greet me, she will have a smile on her face.

(Abraham will randomly go up to Jude and say "hi" and then open his arms up for a hug.) UMMM!!!! 💔💔💔