Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sun kissed.

There are few things as magical as a baby fresh out of bath. Maybe when you spend the whole morning swimming and running and playing and that feeling of warmth from the sun is lingering on your skin. Dan bathed Abraham and then took Jude downstairs with him to "help him with his pooter" so I could have alone time with Abraham. My little boy and I nestled in our usual place, on Daddy's side of the bed. He was so tired from a busy morning and I know it felt heavenly to him, too, in our comfy soft pajamas all cuddled up in the soft down comforter with the cool breeze of our plastic stand-up fan nearby. A little smile emerged on his face as I gently scratched his back and head. He giggled softly and I smiled back. The love and understanding between us was tangible as we looked at each other, not having to say a word. I kept gently scratching his back and running my fingers through his white blonde hair as his little eyelids were closing, but he was still smiling at me as he drifted off. I gently laid him down in his bed and he promptly turned over onto his tummy with his little bottom in the air. I put his newly acquired "Barky" by his side and covered him with our crocheted baby blue blanket. I imagine he'll have sweet dreams today. And I can daydream about the smiling little boy in my arms for years to come!