Sunday, July 5, 2015

Good news!!!

I am pleased and grateful and excited to announce good news for my boy!! Everything went smoothly the day of the EGD and couldn't have gone better. The give him a little oral Versed beforehand and then they let me go with them into the procedure room until the mask goes on him (with the medication that puts him to sleep), so he doesn't even remember me leaving him. I'm so grateful they let me stay with him so long. Other places have not been nearly this liberal! He did great up to the EGD. He couldn't eat anything and the EGD wasn't until after 10:00 but he did a great job and was very patient! 

I waited in the waiting room and Dr Brigman came out to tell me the results. I had my legs propped up and I nearly jumped out of my seat when I saw her! This is what she said:

the esophagus looks great. There were NO signs of an Eosinophilic reaction (which is what happens if he eats foods he's allergic to). In the past it has been EXTREMELY evident and undeniable through text books signs of EoE. She can't technically tell me all the foods he's eating are 100% safe until we get the results of the biopsy back, but he chances of the biopsy showing anhinga are extremely small with such a great looking scope. This HUGE!!! He has been medication-free for almost a year so this really was the TRUE test as to whether these foods were safe or not. So all the foods he is eating now are safe for him. What an AMAZING list to have in our favor. Some people who have EoE have a list of only a few foods they can eat, or they are on steroids long term. Jude is on no mess and can eat

Olive oil
Salt, pepper, sugar
Cod (he takes cod liver oil so I'm assuming cod is okay!)
(And his other vitamins to get technical) - probiotic, digestive enzymes, cumin/turmeric

This is the biggest stride we have made. We are so incredibly grateful and humbled. EoE is a relatively new disease due to the rise in allergies and autoimmune disorders so thre really is no "right" way to treat this. In many ways we have just had to be prayerful and pave our own way. I have felt undeniably guided in all this. I'm so thankful for the path that we've taken and that we were able to avoid the elemental diet and so many other distressing paths of EoE. As long as Jude is avoiding the offending foods, he is essentially perfect and as normal and healthy as any other child (I might even say more due to his incredibly healthy and nourishing diet!)

There were a couple hiccups in the EGD findings. There were some reddened, thickened areas in his stomach that indicate a high acid production/delayed gastric emptying. There was also a small bit of bile somewhere there shouldn't be. From what I gathered, these are relatively small issues. I am going to find a natural acid-reduced to avoid Nexium, etc and see how that helps. I need to figure out what the other things mean. Im not really sure yet. But they are minor issues and I know we can get them taken care of. Dr Brigman was mildly concerned because he is asymptomatic so that shows its not that bad.

I'm planning on introducing quite a few more foods over the next year or so and just watching him very closely for any signs of a reaction. If we are slow and conservative and smart (refer to allergy testing done in the past) then I feel like we will be able to tell if something we introduce bothers him. And I will wait a minimum of three weeks in between introductions.

We have to wait until we get the biopsy results back and then we will decide what foods we want to introduce next. Then we will have allergy (prick) testing done later this month and then we will move forward! Jude is so funny. As he's heard me talking about this he'll say, "Mommy, I don't need any new foods. All the foods I'm eating are fine." I think we just doesn't like all this attention on him especially since he doesn't really understand all that is going on and what the process entails.

Thank you all for your concern, love, prayers, and support. If any of you are struggling with allergies/Eosinophilic Esophagitis and would like to talk, just comment and I would love to help in any way I can!

Baloo helped him get through the waiting period!

George was with him every step, even during the EGD! 

A little groggy after the EGD, but he did great and loved the homemade Popsicles we brought for him to have afterwards!