Sunday, July 19, 2015


I feel so incredibly inadequate to even TRY to write anything half-decent on this subject, but I'm not going to let that stop me. I had absolutely no idea about this before yesterday and know that I know, I am grateful so I can take steps to protect my family and myself.



Smart meters

Ring any bells?! None of them did for me until yesterday when I attended an educational class held by the Weston A. Price Foundation San Antonio chapter. They hosted a guest speaker, Sheila Hemphill, who has dedicated her life to spreading awareness about electromagnetic radiation.

I am going to share with you, in my incredibly simplified terms, what I learned and what I'm changing.

Light = life = energy

I hope we can all agree on that to start this off on the right foot!

She first described two mushrooms to illustrate her point. One is an organically grown, healthy mushroom which was emitting lots of energy, as a mushroom is a living thing. The other mushroom was a conventionally grown mushroom that's biofuels had been dimished by the chemicals used and it emitted little to no energy. She described that second mushroom as "having a body but being brain dead." Which one would you rather eat?! 

This isn't about food, though. It's about energy. We, as people, emit energy and life and that is recorded through an EKG and EEG. That is what makes us alive! 

Here is a chart that illustrates how much energy these different things emit.

Sorry about the poor quality. I was snapping pictures during the presentation. Brain waves emit 10 Hertz. The earth's frequencies were 6, if I remember correctly (but definitely less than ten).

Cell phones (namely, smart phones) emit 1 BILLION Hertz of electromagnetic fields! Did you know in every smart phone users guide there is a warning to not keep your phone within an inch of your body?! 

That one above looks a little outdated, here are the current guidelines from Apple. (The safety guidelines are based on a highly unreliable test that is not even conducted on humans or animals, but a "manikin" head with a gel like substance inside with a thermometer stuck in the top to see how close the cell phone has to get before the temperature rises a full degree, called Specific Absorption Rate. I kid you not. That is the test.)

Robert Baker, a 2000 Nobel Prize nominee said "I have no doubt in my mind that at this present time the greatest polluting element in the Earth's environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields."

Our grandparents grew up with little electromagnetic radiation. It began with radios and was minimal. Our parents grew up with little electromagnetic radiation. Mostly radio and television. (Phones with cords are safe compared to cordless phones). And then our generation and those after me came along. The mobile phone became commonplace within the last 15 years. The cordless home phone became popular. Then the Internet. Then WIFI. Then mobile devices, smart phones, iPads, smart TV's, baby monitors, smart meters (to measure our electricity usage), smart appliances. And now even Apple watches and FitBits that we wear on our person at all times. 

This is all relatively RECENTLY emerging and NEW technology. Do we even think about how this all may be affecting us? All these modern conveniences are not harmless. It is a undeniable fact that these devices all emit electromagnetic fields, which is synonymous with ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION. Radiation. Cancer-causing, health-disrupting, as-bad-as-it-sounds radiation. I don't know about you, but I would rather not have myself and my CHILDREN be the subjects of an experiment as we figure out whether our constant exposure to all this EMF is safe.

Our children are exposed to this through wifi in our homes, stronger, more powerful wifi in their schools, in our church buildings, at restaurants, and every moment of the night as they are sleeping in their beds or simply living in their homes. Is it unreasonable to ask if there may be a correlation between this and the inexplicable rise in ADD, ADHD, autism, anxiety, fatigue, sleep disorders and disturbances and even autoimmune disease that we are seeing in our very own children?

Cell phones and home phones used to have antennas, which would direct the radiation away from our bodies. But we wanted smaller and more compact so they now have done away with antennas and those electromagnetic fields are not being directed anywhere but our HEADS. 

France recently BANNED wifi in preschools because there is enough research and undeniable evidence to show it is harmful to adults, much less a small child.

France is not the only country. Australia, Canada, and other countries across Europe are taking steps in the same direction.

I didn't even know what a "smart meter" was until yesterday, but apparently there is a lot of controversy about their safety. Smart meters are digital meter readers for our power that are replacing our analog meters (with the spinning wheel) that emit massive amount of EMR and are very harmful. Dan and I found a documentary describing the situation with the Smart Meters and other EMR called, "Take Back Your Power" and we were able to watch the whole documentary for free on YouTube. I do not have the adequate knowledge or ENERGY (ha ha... ha) to try get into all of this and all the other facets of this issue or even cute all my sources, so I urge you to do your own research and decide for yourself.

We need to educate ourselves and be aware of the harmful effects of this radiation. We are not the first to be innocently exposed to harmful, cancer-causing substances. Think about lead, asbestos, cigarettes, radium and even the x-ray machines at the department store to better see how your shoes fit. In some of these cases, it took hundreds of not thousands of years for this clearly harmful substances to be removed. (Usually because companies were making lots of money off them.)

Here are a couple statements published by the World Health Organization, but obviously not enough for many to recognize a need for change.

For the sake of our own health and the health of our children, we can not wait until the government deems this radiation "unsafe" because we already know it is. There is irrefutable evidence through peer-reviewed, evidence-based research, not to mention the innumerable testimonials of those who have been affected. 

Click on the picture above and zoom in if you can. All the red dots are the physical symptoms that have been reported through reliable research from the effects of EMR (brain rumors, other cancers, heart problems, disrupted calcium metabolism, DNA damage, infertility, sleep, and disrupted immune function). People start to report adverse effects when the electromagnetic fields are as low as 0.000001 mW/m2. The FCC (the agency that is regulating and supposed to be protecting us) "Maximum Permitted Exposure" is 10,000 mW/m2. 

Please don't brush this off. I'm not saying we all need to get rid of our cell phones and move out to the country, but there are little things we can do to reduce the radiation we are exposed to through electromagnetic fields. Check to see if you have an analog or a smart meter (they will install these without your awareness or permission). If you have an analog meter, do all you can to protect it from being switched to a digital meter. Turn off the WIFI in your house when you are not using it or at the very least, at night. (This is the most crucial time!) Turn your mobile phone off or on airplane mode when you are not using it. Avoid playing a movie for your child from mobile device that he is holding as it is closer to his head/his person. Avoid using your phone, charging it, or giving your child your phone to watch or play games in the car. It is worse in the car because the frequencies are trapped inside the car.

We can not see these frequencies that are constantly being sent out and in by our cell phones, the radiation coming from the cell phone towers, or the signals the smart meters are constantly sending back and forth from our smart appliances. We can not tell how much electro-magnetic fields are affecting us as we look at our phones bright screen right before bed and leave it charging right next to us. Do not charge your devices in your room at night or the room you are in.

I only scraped the surface on this issue and there is much more to educate ourselves on. Awareness is key and I am so glad I learned about this yesterday. I challenge you all to watch "Take Back Your Power" on YouTube to better understand how this all affects us. Do a google search about "health effects of EMF." When it comes to my innocent children who have been entrusted to my care, I do not feel comfortable to wait until the government has received enough complaints and has "enough" evidence to tell us this is unsafe. I will not let this experiment be conducted on my children, as the first generation that is literally being affected by this from birth and in utero. I am going to protect my children and not rely on the government or other agencies (who have let us down constantly in the past) to tell me what is and is not safe for my family.

Please feel free to share any insights you have on the subject!