Monday, May 26, 2014

When dreams (might) come true.

Sometimes I dream about dreams that seem like just that, dreams. But life is too practical and too expensive and too far, or whatever it may be, to make those dreams reality.

And then sometimes, just sometimes, you decide you can make that dream real. And you pray that things will fall into place if it's right, and they DO. They do!!! And that far-off, "maybe someday" dream becomes a "where do I sign?" JUNE 10TH dream!!!

And periods replace all those question marks in the many "what if's?" and the "I don't want to get my hopes up; it probably won't work outs..." turn into "is this really working out?!?!s" 

And now my hopes are up and I'm just crossing my fingers waiting for Tuesday at 11:00... when we tour our possibly new apartment! That is e v e r y t h i n g we wanted... and more. Like... washer and dryer, backyard, garage, three-bedroom, open non-galley style kitchen, white-walled perfection. Oh, and did I mention four of our good friends live on the same street?!?! 

We decided a lovely quality of life is a worth a little bit more a month. We sent in our applications without even seeing the property! HELLO! When it's hot, it's hot, and you gotta jump! 

We are touring it Tuesday morning at 11:00 and if we like it and we are the first ones to have sent in an application... It's ours!!!

We move a lot.

But after this, hopefully not for three more years! Because we will be SO HAPPY there!!!