Friday, May 16, 2014

three months of abraham.

Oh my dear Abraham. You are three months old! Wasn't it just yesterday I was singing you "Happy Birthday" all day to celebrate your first two months of life? I don't know how time goes so fast but I do know that I love you about a million times more than I did then. Just because you are so endearing with every little thing you do. And every little moment I have with you just strengthens and deepens my love for you. I try to describe your personality and I have a hard time putting it into words. You just have the most tender little heart. When you get frightened by a loud noise, a little frown slowly forms on your face and you burst into tears. Heartbreaking doesn't even begin to describe it! You are content just hanging out... whether it's tummy time, laying by the bathroom so I can shower, laying on the floor while Jude plays, or rocking in the swing being enchanted by the moon and stars going by. You're a patient little soul and you bear all your brothers hugs and rough housing and games with long-suffering. You have learned to be on guard when your big brother comes around. You put your dukes up and get a little nervous if you can't see your mama. And you might even be starting to like it a little!

You rolled over for the first time on April 26 at 9 weeks old and have been doing it almost every day since! You also roll from your back to your side a lot and even onto your tummy once! You grab onto things and will even pull your Occe up into your mouth. You're still sleeping with us and are getting better at napping during the day.

You are full of smiles, coos, and laughs. You get so happy just to see us and it thrills you just when we come over and talk to you. You are easy-going and easy to please. You still aren't a huge fan of going out and about unless it's family walks. You are really making your way right into Jude's heart. The other day Jude and I went out by ourselves and he said, "I miss Abraham. Abraham come?" He often says, "I miss mine baby Abraham/Abe." The day after Mothers Day he came up to you and said, "Happy Brothers Day Abe! I love mine baby Abe. Aww... I miss you." He will just look at you and say, "aww..." in the most cutesy little voice. He definitely likes having you around! We all do! We love you sooo much.

For his picture this month...

1: He's holding Daddy's hand. If we are driving and he's upset, often the only thing that consoles him is to hold on to my finger.

2: Nasal aspirator. I got a cod/flu of some sort and was sick as a dog for a weekend. I, regrettably, gave my sweet little angel my cough, but thankfully it didn't turn into anything more for him!

3. MyBiovideo photo contest. This contest was so fun and funny and I owe it all to the little boy in the picture! He was patient with me while I devoted so much time to my campaign! We also went on a little mommy/son date to pick up our prize and that was a lot of fun!

Jude had a photoshoot too... :)

One of his favorite games... his "I'm sick" face