Tuesday, May 27, 2014

One order of toe jam, please.

Let's talk about toe jam. The toe jam of a certain someone, even. 

This little guy has an affinity for toe and finger jam since he was brand new. He has an impressively strong grip and holds on tight to every little cotton/fuzz ball that comes his way. Combine that with his sweaty nature and you have a no-fail recipe. There have been times Dan has given him a bath and as we're getting him dressed we notice big globs of finger jam in his hands. Trying to pry it out is no easy task. I don't know if finger jam has a bad rap, but this boy is turning things around because 


I want to bottle it up and keep it forever. It's like that brand new newborn smell. You just savor it because you know it won't last long. OH! I just remembered it for a second and sigh, my heart. Even if he doesn't have any jam, the inside of his little hands just have the most precious little aroma. As I type this, little Abraham is laying right next to me on my arm with his hand on top of my nose and I am just savoring this little smell. It is indescribable, indeed. I may not always remember exactly how it smelled, but I will always remember loving it and how it reminds me of his innocence and sheer perfection. 

Those lips. Just look at those lips. They are so slippery and soft and just waiting to give Mommy a big wet one. 

And the cheeks. Let's talk about the cheeks... So soft. So squishy. I love to squish my cheek up against his and go to my own little heaven for a second.