Wednesday, April 30, 2014

One question.

It is easy to get lost in the days and lose sight of the moments. But the moments are the magic of motherhood that make the days joyful. We can not and must not let ourselves lose sight of these beautiful moments. Before we know it, the days and weeks and months and years will have gone by and we will still be worrying about keeping a perfect house or "getting it all done." At the end of the day, what matters most is so much more than whether we have checked everything on our to do list off or if we go to sleep on clean, freshly pulled-down sheets.

What matters in each day is that we really, truly loved the HECK out of our children, enjoyed just being with our families, and had a good, real laugh with them. 

Lucky for me, getting a real, good laugh out of my two-year old is easy. It just takes a little silliness, a little love, and a little time. It may be a little harder for me to have a real, good laugh. If I am too caught up in keeping our nap schedule, or using this one moment of down-time to execute my next task, I miss my chance. I miss my chance to let go and laugh and giggle and fill my soul with what really makes me feel happy and accomplished. At the end of the day, I feel content and peaceful if I've spent quality time with my family and taken the time to just enjoy them.

So I've found a good, easy self-assessment to see how I'm doing is to think back...

"When did I last share a real good, hearty laugh with my babies?"

If I can't remember the last time or it's been days, I know my priorities have gotten out of wack and I need to reprioritize and grab these little boys of mine and just tickle them and love them and laugh and giggle with them.

And at that precious little moment, life is good. They are happy. I am happy. We are building the unbreakable bonds of a family... and that's all that matters.