Tuesday, April 22, 2014

two months of abraham.

Happy two month birthday little Abraham! 

I've been singing Happy Birthday to him all day. He is eating it up. :) He is the greatest little guy. He is a pleasant little soul. If only I had nothing else to do in life and I could lay with him for every nap, he would be the happiest baby on earth. That is the only thing that flusters him... trying to sleep alone. The travesty! He is completely uninterested in the proposition. We will sometimes squeak out a half hour or maybe even almost an hour of him sleeping alone, if we're lucky. Otherwise it's either in mother (or sometimes father's) arms or being rocked with vigor in his car seat/stroller. I'm just thankful for his Wubbanub, Occe. He loves that little guy. And so do I. He is seriously a happy, content little baby though. He still rarely cries (only for previously mentioned scenario). Tonight we were reading stories to Jude for bedtime and Dan was holding Abraham. Dan was talking in this funny voice (think Chinese convenience store owner yelling at rowdy teenagers) "get down right now!!!" (We were reading the part in "Go, Dog, Go!" where the dogs are playing badminton on top of the hot air balloon and the other dog yells "Get down!!") Abraham and Jude were both in stitches over Dan's funny voice. Seriously, when we are holding Abraham upright and his little face is squished down and he's holding up his head, his cute factor is just to the max. And then he smiles and... it's a little unbearable. You'd think he knew how cute he was and he was just trying to make us all fall in love with him. Especially this little bashful smile of his. If this is his plan, it's working. But no, he's just as innocent and angelic as can be. Straight from heaven. Whenever Jude plays with him or they "play" together, Jude just giggles beyond all get out. Abraham will give Jude a slobbery kiss or try to eat his toe or smile ("MIiiiLiNG!!! [most high-pitched, squeakiest voice ever]) and Jude just laughs hysterically and wants to repeat it a hundred times. Whenever we talk about how Abraham can play more when he's older, Jude will say, "blocks?" or "growing..." He really has his heart set on blocks with his bro. Anywho, back to the story. We were in the teepee tonight and were all just laughing and giggling. It was heaven. Abraham was literally laughing and smiling and cooing and talking away. Oh goodness, that was a memory for the record books. 

Abraham also loves it when we say, "you're doing it!" whenever we're holding him upright and he lifts his head up from the front-hanging position. We do our exercises and tummy time every day while listening to the Mozart station on Pandora. This boy is going to be smart and strong.

He has a full head of red hair and this always gets him lots of comments. It poofs naturally and I liken it unto the 'do of a 90's stock broker. He gets some serious toe and finger jam that you have to pry out his incredibly strong grip upon bath time. He does pretty well with his baths in the out tub, but certainly prefers Daddy to do the job. 

We don't leave the house much these days. He will not sleep in his car seat/on outings so we have a short, less than one hour, window to run our errands right when he wakes up. He is always ready for another nap after being up for only an hour. (or less!)

If he gets startled at all or sees something interesting, his eyes gets soo big. You can see the white above his pupil. It's the best. 

Okay, I have to talk about the receding chin. The chin!! Just look at it. He tucks his bottom lip in, and then the chin, and then the double chin?! The receding chin was even highly noticeable in his (and Jude's) ultrasound pictures. Jude has grown out of his. I can't handle it (obviously a little obsessed).

Picture for the month.
#1: The Occe. Must be within reach at all times. Mama's only relief.
#2: A pillow from Mommy and Daddy's bed. His favorite place to sleep/where he sleeps all night. His bed, as far as he's concerned.

Month two. Life is getting a lot more normal. More outings. More time awake. More smiles and laughs. Lots more kisses. We love this little guy greatly. He is the perfect final piece to our four corners and now we are complete.