Saturday, March 8, 2014


I was cleaning the bathroom with a baby strapped to my chest and another one "helping." I told Jude when Daddy gets home the "party" begins.

"Pah-e! Pah-e!"

I was playing some primary songs for Jude and literally as "Daddy's Homecoming" came on, the door opened and Daddy walked in! I sang to him as Jude performed the actions with the "great big kiss" grand finale. It was a really tender moment. Jude kept repeating "Pah-e!" To Daddy. And the party died spent the whole day deep cleaning, purging, and organizing. And goodness, did it feel good! I felt old because I was literally having the time of my life. Preventing came and we had a delicious dinner with Tim and Nikki and then played games and had Mint Cookies and Cream Bluebell ice cream! What a glorious day. And now Dan has Spring break all week! I am too over the moon. And back...

Jude is so adorable and hilarious these days. His vocabulary is growing so much every day. It is amazing how quickly he catches on to things. When Mimi asks him, "How much does Mimi love you?" He says... "Moon. Back." Now when Dan asks him he says... "Stars. Back." He calls his belly button his "bunt-in." I made him a Popsicle yesterday and he said "popaiciscle." Or something funny. He finally figured it out and it was "pa-ka-sul." I love him. 

He takes his medicine with easy every morning. He finally doesn't mind standing in the scale to weigh him everyday. He's getting better at tolerating tooth brushing. In the last month he has made amazing strides in playing by himself. It is such a blessing. He loves all his toys and actually plays with them by himself! He uses his imagination and turns anything tall into a "crane." He turned his broken happy hopper into a "tractor." He is so creative. He loves to give kisses and hugs. He loves standing by the window on the stairs and watching the "dump... truck" and every other truck that drives by. He is gentle and funny with Abraham. He never gets jealous. It amazes me. He wants to hold him once a few days. He points and squints when he moves or makes a noise and says "moves!" "noise!" "awake!" "eyes!" 

His favorite songs are Popcorn Popping, I Love to See the Temple, Daddy's Homecoming, and Give Said the Little Stream. Lately as we are laying by each other for bed he will say "tummy" and he wants to lay on me. It's usually when Abraham is in the ErgoBaby so they both squeeze on my tummy and Jude usually squishes Abraham until he starts crying... then we resituate! 

He doesn't care about food much. 95% of the time when I ask him if he's hungry or what he wants to eat, he says "No. Fine." He likes chicken, sausage (sometimes), and some fruit. He doesn't eat much but he's doing pretty well drinking his "milk."