Sunday, March 16, 2014

one month of abraham.

Our big little baby Abraham has been alive for one month... Mind. Blown. To think that it was one whole month ago that I was walking down our staircase in that big blue moo moo... pregnant (and soon not to be) is beyond my comprehension. And that he has been with us for one whole month?! In a way, it seems like forever that I've known that little face (maybe because he looks just like Jude did?!) and on the other hand I can't believe I have slept with him and nursed him and hugged him and kissed him thirty whole days in a row.

Picture of the month.

#1: Mommy. All he wants. All he needs.
The end.

I've said this before and I'm planning on saying it a million more times, but he is special. Special to me. And just special in his own right. He is the most calm, content little baby you've ever known. (Example: We had many errands to run this morning. So I strapped him into the car seat and off we went. We left at 8:50 and got home at 11:50 and he was sound asleep in that car seat the entire time. We then got home and I nursed him, gave him a bath, changed his diaper, nursed him again... and he has been asleep in his swing for another hour and a half and still going strong.) He has remarkable head support and a serious grip for a little one. He is smiling at us lovingly and it melts our hearts. His after-bath afro is a little too good. And he is quickly becoming his big brother's best little friend.

Being the mother to two has taught me so much already. It is absolutely beautiful. I have grown and learned to love and learned a lot about letting things go. It is refreshing beyond expression and only fitting that spring is upon us. I feel a rekindled love for life and my precious family and what really matters. I am literally brought to tears while playing with Jude at his "mountain" or watching my husband play with the boys as I contemplate my many blessings and wonder how my life has turned out so good.

We went to church as a family for the first time this week. It was a deep breath of fresh mountain air to be at church for the full three-hours and have my dearest three there with me. The boys even matched and the cuteness was a little out of control...

"The cough and cry"