Saturday, September 7, 2013

Lil life update.

Why hello there little blog! It's been a little while. Life has {...thankfully} calmed down a tad. We have a legit living room set-up, and even a clean kitchen right now! We've organized the pantry, the under-the-stairs closet (now a kitchen extension), and it... feels... so good. We were "moving" for literally a month before we got into our final apartment. Goodness, longest month ever. It was survival status. 

Dan is full swing in optometry school, enjoying it and living the dream. He seems soo much happier than his last go round. I'm so happy for him. We live a couple blocks from his school so he walks or skateboards to class and comes home for lunch some days. There are 7 LDS kids in his class of 69 and he's made good friends. He enjoys what he's studying and learning and excited for his final goal.

Jude is eating like a CHAMP. Flax seed cereal with hemp milk and blueberries for breakfast. Cowboy chili {its a box- quinoa, ground turkey, diced tomatoes, beans, etc}, and some rotisserie chicken, cold broccoli (no microwave right now, both covered in coconut oil), and plantain chips with mango peach salsa for dinner. He's a champ. He's eating so well and drinking a ton of his milk (Neocate). He is totally weaned and totally over it. He has mastered the stairs, up and down like an adult. He says "thank you" at the right times and it is thee greatest moment of my life right then. We have a free vacuum service called "ants." They are pretty slow but they will envelop every drop of food Jude drops and eventually eat it all/carry it through the crack in the wall... Nice. We cuddle to bed and he gives me kisses and it's just insane how amazing he is. Does anyone get tired of hearing me say that? Sorry, not stopping.

I have been risking my life to for Craigslist finds. Had an iffy situation two nights ago but scored a gorgeous mid-century dresser. I got lost for almost an hour, got "heckled" by some funny Latin men at the gas station, and of course ended up in a stranger's mobile home. A super iffy situation earlier tonight when I had a bad feeling when i ended up in a industrial warehouse type area with no residences in sight, and almost turned around but then the lady on the phone talked me into it... They lived in a "travel trailer" and I was legitimately a little frightened. 

Her: "I see your car. Turn right here."

Me: "Umm... I'm honestly a little nervous. I'm not sure if I want to..."

Oh, but we got night stands. Matching ones. Probably with beer spilled on them. But matching night stands?! That's a serious luxury.

Now all we need is a dresser. WOO!

We love our apartment. It was built in the 70's. Total blast from the past and I love it. I'm totally an old soul that was born a generation too late. 

We are finally feeling settled. I'm actually making a dinner tomorrow! I'm using a stuffing box and cream of chicken soup, whatever.