Monday, September 23, 2013

june, july, &some apple pie.

The 4th of July was spent at home lighting bottle rockets off the back porch, making a USA-shaped rice krispie treat, and watching a firework show while laying in bed and literally looking out our bedroom window. (Fireworks show compliments of Top Gun shooting range... it's the least they could do in return for us having to listen to their gun shots firing all the time!)

"My dad does the coolest stuff in the world..."

(See last 4th of July here)

The good old days! (When Jude could have rice)
And then Daddy had a birthday... We celebrate with our usual fare of getting as much free food as possible and hitting up the usual spots. Firehouse subs did us good and we of course stopped by Costco to pick up a delicious treat of Dan's choice.

"I'm HOW old?!"

The good old days (when Jude could have potatoes!!)

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Dan got a big ol' Costco cheesecake and as the rest of the family was dairy-free at the time... he got it all to himself!

And then Dan brought a turtle home that he found on the side of the road.... lovely, considering I have an abnormal and ridiculous turtle-phobia...

A little unsure about the whole thing...

And then we watched the Bachelorette and pretended like we were on the Bachelorette with a fancy dinner surrounded by pillows

And then we celebrated Father's Day! June is kind of a big month for Dan.