Tuesday, September 17, 2013


There are clean dishes in the dishwasher, dirty dishes in the sink, and dinner still on the table... blogging just seems like a better idea right now!

I am looking at my newly framed photos in our "dining room" that I just hung. They are pretty cute. The $1.99 old school wooden frames from Goodwill could use a little paint, but for another day. Today, they are up on the wall and my vision became a reality and that makes me very happy! I always have lots of ideas and it sometimes seems impossible to put them into action, but my parents are coming to visit on Saturday and I want it to look nice... so I have to just do it! I wonder if I hung them too high...

Jude is my little companion. He goes with me on all my errands and has been so well-behaved and patient with me and our crazy adventures. Like how on Saturday I thought I could just "stop by" a few garage sales and find a dresser... we drove for hours and found no dresser. Jude was getting so frustrated after a while. But we saw some cowboys on horses promoting a restaurant on the side of the rode and stopped by and said hi. That redeemed me a little bit! But when we got home and I tried to have him tell Daddy what animal he saw, he kept denying it. Like, hard core would not admit that he saw horses. I think he was mad at me.

D: Jude did you see horses today?

J: Shakes his head no

(This happened several times)

R: We did see horses! There were three on the side of the rode with cowboys and lassos and everything!

D: Jude, did you see a horse?

J: Shakes his head no

D: Is Mommy fibbing about the horses?

J: NODS!!!

He was being a little stinker. Over and over he would deny it whether it was a yes or no question, he stayed consistent that he did not see horses. Oh well, I knew I should have taken a picture! Instead, we found a vintage metal box, an antler, and a vintage clipboard. All projects in the works... Our house is finally furnished. Dresser, nightstands, and TV stand from Craigslist and a desk from Goodwill. We are in business! I would like to get a dresser for Jude someday. Someday...

Last Sunday Jude had his first day in nursery without Mommy or Daddy there!! We have never been able to leave him first of all because he cries hysterically and second of all because we always have to watch him so closely with snack time. Last Sunday was Dan's turn to go in during Sunday School. A member of the Bishopric called me out to meet with me so we went to go get Dan. Luckily Jude didn't see me come to the door and motion for Dan. Dan snuck out. Jude watched him leave as he sat in his little chair with his apples and bananas in front of him. Off we went. Fifteen minutes later we walked back to nursery. It was now play time... He was sitting on another mom's lap with a pouty look on his face.... but fine!!!!! She thumbs up'ed up, Dan and I double high-fived each other and pranced off to Relief Society and Priesthood feeling like

a million bucks.

That was an unexpected victory that just put me on top of the moon! And he did fine the rest of the time!! Life is good. 

He has been eating really well. We found out tonight that he's allergic to lentils. Who needs 'em anyways? Not us. Add that to the list! He drinks his Neocate like nobody's business. That tropical flavor is his security blanket. He probably drinks 12-16 oz a day. He cuddles with us to fall asleep and then sleeps 11-12 hours a night and takes a 2-3 hour nap in the day time. It is divine!

Dan is really enjoying Optometry School. He is a trooper. He is studying hard and enjoying it. He puts in long hours but still makes time for us! Whenever Jude hears a noise outside he perks up and his little mouth quickly goes into a little "O" and he yells... "DA-EE!!!!!" He is so fun. So cute. So full of life and energy. So curious. Such an explorer. Such a lover. Such a mama's boy. Just pretty much perfect. He knows he can't eat everything. It's interesting to see how he is cautious about things and he really listens to me. If I react to something he's eating if I think he can't have it and then later find out he can, he still won't eat it because he remembers how I reacted. Today he pulled a leaf of cilantro out of the drawer of the fridge, stuck in his mouth as I watched, just stared at me as if waiting for me to tell him if it was okay or not, then opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue to show me, just to make sure I had seen what he'd eaten. Then I nodded and told him it was okay and he happily finished it. It's amazing how he picks up on things that I don't realize he is aware of.

On his way to volunteer at a free vision screening

The pregnancy is sailing by smoothly. My old friend, Acid Reflux, has ever so kindly came back into my life. And so have the Tums! I grunt while going up the stairs and bending over and am way too out of breath from any activity at all... but that's about it. I'm feeling well!

19 weeks with my little buddy

Well, I think those are all the updates we need for now. 

We are blessed and grateful for life!