Sunday, August 25, 2013

All things Jude.

Jude has started saying a couple two-word combos. "Daddy go" and "thank you." It is our favorite! He kicks a ball, he wrestles, he throws and catches balls, he loves to hold both our hands and we'll fly him up or down the stairs, he does much better riding in the car now. He's been waking up around 6:15 every morning and its been a battle trying to figure out what he wants to eat. He goes to bed really well with Dan or I and has weaned AMAZINGLY and shows no desire to nurse. He's also been taking 2-3 hour naps every day!!! He says bye to everyone and everything at the right time and waves. He is still great at giving kisses and hugs and will squeeze us so tight. He always points at Dan and says "daddy" at random times. He recognizes the car beep when Dan locks it and gets soo excited and just starts screaming "Daddy!!! Daddy!!! Daddy!!!" Whenever he sees us, whether we've been apart for an hour or one minute, he proclaims the most whole-hearted, high-pitched and enthusiastic "HIiiiii!" That I know he got from me because thats how I always greet him! He likes to "go!!" anywhere and is my best little companion. We discovered some plantain chips at Marshalls that he can have and he loves them! I can tell he's feeling feeling more settled here and will play on his own and just lets me rest.

Right now he is bouncing and rocking to "The Calculation" by Regina Spektor and just melting my heart as usual. :)