Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another update on the little guy [good news!!]

One conversation with a friend. 

We have so much power to bless others lives and I was the recipient of those blessings One day a couple weeks ago. We get a feeling here or there to call an old friend and my dear, sweet friend from nursing school listened. I missed a call from her while I was in the doctors office getting our great news about Jude's change of plans. I listened when the doctor had to leave for a minute and was wiping tears off my cheek. It was the most heartfelt, sincere expressions of love that I soo needed!

After a little phone tag, we finally got ahold of each other. "It is usually throu others that your prayers are answered." We'll she was my angel this week. She does not know even in the slightest way how her words blessed me and strengthened me at a time when I was so down and needed it most. 

It is hard living so far away from friends and family and I am so grateful for the Internet and technology for that reason. Through my blog and Instagram and email and the phone, I have been blessed to receive so much support and strengthening words when I have been discouraged.

So thank you, sweet friend and friends. I love you!

So here's the update on Jude:

We don't have to do the elemental (formula only) diet right now. We may have to later. Our goal now is to get his EoE under control and we may be able to reach that goal without taking such drastic measures. Rowe have a list of his allergies so we are going to go 6-8 weeks strictly on that diet, then do another EGD and see if that works. If not, we'll either take out more foods or do the elemental diet. We can't technically start the 6-8 week trial until he's totally weaned so we know 100% sure what he's getting. That's the hard part. Weaning a 20 month old who loves nursing more than life itself is not easy. Weaning him while moving and staying in different hotels and friends houses and sleeping n the same room as him is even harder. Goodness, people do this all the time?!?

Any tips on weaning, anyone?! I've read "tips" and things but we are just still s t r u g g l i n g ! Nursing is pretty much the only way he's been put to sleep so he's really dependent on it. I know it will be easier once we move into our own place, but will it? Then it will just be he and I!

His current allergies are 

I DESPISE corn. either corn starch or corn syrup has infiltrated its way into everything. Corn is a dirty rotten scoundrel. He's been eating a lot of beans, fruits, vegetables, and meats. Grains are tough. Eating in general is tough, especially when you are moving all over and staying with friends and all our stuff is in storage. But enough of my complaining! We are in San Antonio, found a place to live, and already found great friends. I will update on that soon! Thank you for reading and caring!!! I love you all! :)