Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Today, Daddy...

Today, Daddy took Jude fishing with him in the ergo baby so Mama could finish dinner.

Today, Daddy ran Jude onto the toilet (he didn't quite make it) &scrubbed clean his little bum, doing a very thorough job, too!

Today, Daddy cleaned up thick &very potent throw up from the baby seat, table, &floor while Mama consoled her babe.

Today, Daddy showered throw up and who knows what else off of Jude in the tub.

Today, Daddy got a sneaky little toot right on his finger at the exact moment he was applying zinc oxide to a little llama llama red pajama's bum.

Today, Daddy cleaned up dinner &did the dishes while Mama was putting Jude to bed.

Today, (and yesterday, and tomorrow) Daddy is very loved by this llama mama.

Here is to genuinely loving and appreciating those who we have chosen to spend our lives with, even on those days when they may not go so above &beyond like my hubby lovingly did today.

I'm thankful for my travel companion in this ridiculously crazy journey called life.

PS- Jude has his first real kiss today. We were playing next door. Joslin 
was hiding and Jude was seeking. He found her, slowly went in, 
&gave her a  perfect little kiss right on the lips. Later, with some 
encouragement from me, he gave another kiss... &he must have liked 
it because he went in for three more!